Debt Therapy

Debt Therapy is South Africa’s debt counselling services, who help our clients to get the right solution to alleviate their debts.

We offer debt review, when clients are a little over their heads with debts.

We offer debt consolidation advice, when you want to take all your loans, credit cards, store cards and other credit facilities under one single payment each month.

We have a team of highly experienced financial advisors on board our firm, who are all qualified to assist you with your debt problems.

We pride ourselves in being able to alleviate the overhanging and stressful debt situations that clients can fall into. With our ability to help clients with their debt problems, we know you can trust us to get you out of any debt hole you may be in.

Debt Therapy offer an number of debt consolidation and counselling services, helping clients throughout the country to get back in control of their finances.

Don’t let your debt control you a minute longer – let Debt Therapy make your life easier, and more affordable through a few simple steps.

We can provide you with more detail and a thorough evaluation of your current debt situation through an initial consultation. This will allow us to get an overview of the amounts owing to your creditors, and how we can save you a tremendous amount of cash in your monthly instalments.

Our end result for our clients is to allow them to be in control of their financial situation, and be able to manage their budget better – without needing to take out credit to survive. We have a very high success rate with clients completing their debt processes and feeling the relief of having no more debt in their lives.  We can do this for you too!

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Debt Therapy
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Debt Therapy is therapy for your debts! We will help you through a simple review process, to eliminate monthly instalments into one single payments each month, at a reduced amount.

Clients can apply by completing our application form online, or speak to one of our consultants who can email the form to you. We will need all your creditor information, balances owing and what your income and expenses currently are. With an agreed monthly instalment for your consolidated debt, we will inform your creditors of the new arrangement.

This will keep them from phoning you asking for payments each month. The NCR will evenly distribute your new monthly payment amongst your creditors, ensuring each one receives their new agreed payment each month.

You will have more money to work with each month, and have a better control over your finances. Debt Therapy is your way out of debt. We can help you live better knowing that you will not take on any more debt or make your financial situation worse.

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