Zero Debt

Zero Debt helps you to get your debts to ZERO!

We assist clients in South Africa, with their debts problems, helping you find a convenient and affordable solution, helping you ride your debts for good.

It’s not easy to get through life in today’s economy without some kind of credit facility. Unfortunately, we tend to take too much credit or multiple credit sources, and eventually could get to the point where we cannot afford to pay back out instalments. 

This is the point when you know you cannot take another loan to cover your monthly expenses, you need a more solid solution. We offer clients assistance with debt consolidation, debt review and much more.

We are professionals, with many years’ experience and consultants who are extremely helpful to all clients needing advice on what to do next.

Zero Debt means no more financial worries going forward!

We will work with you to determine what approach to take next, in getting rid of your debt starting from today!

Our debt consolidation and debt review processes work in tandem with the amounts owing to your creditors, your income and expenses, and what you can afford to pay in one single repayment each month. We do all the corresponding with your creditors, informing them of your situation, and negotiate a better instalment on each of your loans.

By taking the big step to take control of your financial situation, you can move out of the debt hole and back into the life of being able to afford living again. We can reduce your monthly instalments on your debts by up to 50%. This is a massive savings which can add a huge impact to your bank account each month.

Take the first step, by contacting us for an initial consultation, so we can evaluate your debt situation.

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  • FINANCIAL advice
  • DEBT Review and Administration
  • DEBT Consolidation
  • DEBT Counseling

Zero Debt are debt counsellors with a solution to getting rid of your debts.

We use a step by step process which can be done online, to establish a consolidated approach to paying off your debts at a reduced amount each month.

Clients need to provide us with their creditor information, amounts owing, and what you are currently earning. We will work out a new monthly payment which will be distributed amongst all your creditors, allowing you a longer term to pay them off at a reduce instalment.

We will involve the NCR who will inform your creditors of the arrangement, and get them to agree to the new terms. They will no longer be able to harass you for payments.

The process to getting set up is not instant, however the reward of knowing you will be debt free at the end of your contract, is rewarding on its own. You will be able to manage your finance better, and be debt free for good.

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