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SA Loan Services is your loan searching, sourcing and comparison site of choice.

We provide our services to thousands of South African clients every year, helping them find the right loan and lender to meet their specific criteria and requirements.

Trying to source a lender that assists clients with a bad credit history can often lead you to a dead end when doing it on your own. There are hundreds of options, with hundreds of hidden print, and who don’t often carry through what they promise. This can be extremely stressful, and not to mention time consuming.

Our services make life so much easier for clients looking for a quick cash loan, without the hassle, without the appointments and without the paperwork.

SA Loan Services can source a cash loan for every client and every purpose.

We have the ability to provide a summarised search based on our clients recommended requirements given to us on our online platform.

Based on these criteria points, we will narrow down the search for you, and provide you with the best possible options for your needs. This entire process take only minutes.

Convenience and efficiency at your fingertips, without leaving your desk!

Our lending providers all offer unsecured loans, for all clients. If you are blacklisted or have bad credit, we have a lender for you! Gone are the days of being turned down by lenders because you don’t have a perfect credit rating. Flexible and fixed repayment terms make budgeting for your loan a lot easier, knowing that you will pay the same amount each month for the term of your loan.

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  • BAD CREDIT Loans

SA Loan Services make searching for a loan simpler than ever.

We source through a reputable and accredited list of lenders in the country, who all offer competitive repayments structure, low rates and convenience of fast approvals and payments.

All clients meeting the qualifying criteria can apply, even clients who are blacklisted or who have a bad credit status. To qualify clients must:

  • Be over the age of 18 years old
  • Have a full time job, with a monthly wage going into their bank account
  • Have a valid banking account in their own name
  • Be a permanent resident of the country, with a valid ID book or passport

The loan amount which you qualify for will be worked around what you earn, what your expenses are, and what you can comfortably afford to pay back.

Clients can apply online in minutes. Get the choice of lenders to suit their cash loan needs, and apply direct. It’s so simple. Once approved, your cash can take up to 24 hours to appear into your bank account – to use as you like. You monthly repayment plan will be provided to you from your chosen lender, with the terms as well as a debit order to make life easier for you each month.

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