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Friendly Finance provides the lending solutions to all clients meeting the qualifying criteria, in South Africa.

We have advanced experience  in providing innovative processes allowing the convenience, speed and ease, so clients don’t have to worry about time spent away from the office, or time wasted when needing cash fast.

We understand how some months can have you cash strapped for a number of reasons. Some emergencies and bills aren’t always budgeted for, and we don’t all have extra savings on hand to use in these situations.

At Friendly Finance, we provide pay day cash loans, in fast turnaround time, to help you through these tight months. With decades of experience in the lending industry, we have the resources and the capabilities to assist you with all your lending needs, through fast and efficient solutions.

No appointments, no hidden costs, no paperwork. Cash in your account in no more than 24 hours!

Friendly Finance offers clients in South Africa many options when it comes to getting a cash loan.

Whether it’s a pay day loan short term loan, or a personal loan with a longer repayment term, we can provide the cash you need when you need it.

Friendly Finance are known for our expertise in the lending market. We are super friendly, speak to one of our consultants and you will see how helpful we can be.

Our online processes allow clients to apply for finance 24/7, from wherever they have an internet connection.

Get same day approval on your application, and get up to R8000 for a pay day loan. If you need a pay day loan, short term loan, or a bigger personal loan, you have come to the right place. We can offer our clients multiple lending solutions, all online and all fast!

Our approval works in line with what our clients earn, as well as what their expenses are. If you can afford the repayments, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your loan approved.

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  • PAYDAY loans

Friendly Finance allows clients to access cash in hours by applying through our convenient online platform.

Through a few easy steps, from the comfort of your desk, you can apply, get approved and have some extra cash in your bank account within 24 hours.

Clients can simply go to our website, and complete the very easy application form. Tell us how much cash you wish to borrow, and see what the repayment terms add up to.

Upload your latest bank statements, and salary slips along with a copy of your South African ID or passport.

Submit your application and wait just minutes to receive notification of your loan outcome. We will provide you with the contract and terms of your loan to agree to, whereupon your loan with be transferred straight into your bank account, to use as you want. We can offer a pay day loan up to the amount of R8000. The amount you choose would also need to fall in line with what you can comfortably pay back between periods of 30 to 45 days.

When your month is longer than your paycheck, don’t waste another minute. Apply through Friendly Finance today, and get a little extra cash to carry you through.

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