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Supasmart Loans is your search site to the world of loans. We have for many years provided clients with easy cash solutions.

No need to queue at the bank, or undergo invasive credit checks divulging into your credit history.

No need to wait weeks or months to get the cash in your account. Let us help you today wand get cash within less than 2 days.

The services we provide could take you weeks to do on your own. Even by attempting to source the most affordable loan through different sites, probably wouldn’t be able to secure the deals that we can source through our relationships with our lenders.

Get the best loan deals from our services today.

Supasmart Loans can get you a short term or pay day loan up tot eh amount of between R1000 and R200 000. Our lenders provide the best deals and lowest rates in the industry.

We allow our clients to leverage of the deals we have in place with these specific lenders, giving them maximum benefits throughout their loan term.

With quick turnaround times of your application and faster payments into your bank account, you won’t find this convenience getting a loan the conventional way.

We can get you the loan you want with our ability to source the loans that match your lending criteria in minutes. Short term, pay day or personal loans at your fingertips, in minutes.

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  • PAYDAY loans 

Supasmart Loans provides an online platform for clients to register and get their cash loan submitted in minutes.

Our safely secure platform keeps your personal and financial information confidential. You can trust Supasmart Loans to source the right loan for your needs every time.

Clients can monitor their credit status off our site, and get more benefits than any other lending site. We offer unmatched rates and benefits than ever offered through online loan resourcing. Clients need to be over 18 years old, with a permanent South African ID book or passport. You will also need to provide a copy of your recent bank statements and salary slips to prove that you have a valid bank account and an income coming in. we can only provide cash to clients who can afford to pay the loan back.

We offer loans and benefits to clients – see our value adds which include:

Get a loan in the amounts of between R1, 000 and R200, 000

Blacklisted and bad credit clients can also apply for our pay day loans

We do all the sourcing of the best lenders on your behalf – you can carry on with your busy schedule while we do all the work for you

Our services are completely free to our clients

Your information is safe and kept confidential at all times.

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