Quick loans in South Africa

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Quick loans for cash emergencies in SA

A quick cash loan is ideal to see you through an emergency expense.

Quick loans also include payday loans

The difference between a quick loan and a payday loan is the fact that a payday loan must be paid back in full in one lump sum by your next payday while a quick loan allows you between 10 weeks and 3 months to pay back the loan amount over a number of easy instalments. Spreading out the payments over a few months is much easier to manage and will allow you to budget effectively.

A quick loan can be anything from R200 to as much as R5000 depending what you are able to repay. Quick loans are very convenient as they can be applied for online, your loan could be approved almost immediate. When your loan application has been approved the money will be paid directly into your bank account, within hours.

How do you apply for a quick loan?

To apply for a quick loan is very simple. Log onto the website and click on the online application button. Once you have filled in your personal details we will give you an outcome and send you a loan offer, we will verify your information and if all goes well your loan application will be approved. 

We will send you a contract that you can sign online and once we have received the signed contract we will transfer the money directly into your bank account on the very same day making sure that you get your cash quick.

Supporting documentation

The days of going into our nearest branch to hand in your supporting documents is long gone there is no need to waste your time sitting in long queues or having to meet the consultant face to face. All your supporting documents can be uploaded directly to the website.

The supporting documents that we require are a 90-day bank statement that you can link directly through our secure systems, which will help us to identify you. If you decide not to use the secure link option then you will need to supply a copy of your photo ID. 

Responsible lending is important

In 2009 the National Consumer Credit Protection Act introduced the concept of responsible lending this means that we can only grant you the loan if it is in your best interest and can easily make the repayments without pushing yourself into debt review

The point of a quick cash loan is to help you during your time of need. If taking a loan will affect you in a negative way then it is best not to take out a loan.

Quick cash when you need it most

Quick cash loan can be used for any purpose that you need them for this can include:

  • Paying unexpected bills
  • Repairs to your vehicle
  • Money for food and groceries
  • Cash for important events
  • Dental or medical expenses
  • Other cash flow problems
  • Financial emergencies

Topping up your loan

If you need to take another loan or top up your existing loan this can be arranged as long as you are up to date with your repayments. This will also help you build up a good credit history, which will allow you to borrow more money and have your affordable loan application approved even quicker.

Each time that you apply for a quick loan the process will be simpler as we will not need to run as many checks.

Advantages of a quick cash loan

The main advantage is the fact that the entire process can be completed online in only a few minutes and all supporting documents can be uploaded directly to the website – saving you time and hassle. The outcome is almost immediate and if your loan application is approved the funds will be paid directly into your nominated bank account.

Easy loan approval

The requirements to be approved for a quick cash loan are not as stringent as some of the other loan types. Generally, if you are employed on a full-time basis, and have an active bank account, you should be able to apply for loan. The requirements for applying, and being approved for a fast loan varies from lender to lender. It is thus best to ensure you are aware of all the requirements before choosing a lender.

Online quick cash loans are processed much more quickly than traditional banks and there is no need to put up any collateral, and no long-term commitments.

Credit providers offering Quick Loans in SA

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