Boodle Loans are your lifesaver when it comes to accessing a quick cash loan.

With our ability to provide instant approval on your loan application we can proves your need for financial assistance faster than ever.

Our innovative technology is our driving force in being one of the fastest leading online cash lenders in South Africa.

We understand that some months are tough. You may encounter an unexpected bill, or need to repair something fast, but don’t always have the budget for it.

Boodle can help you with ta quick cash loan to help you financially until your next pay day. Our loans are fast, and clients will have access to our loans within the very same day of their approved application.

When you need instant cash, give Boodle a go! We have the little quick cash loan to help you get through the month!

Boodle Loans offer the lending services that makes everyone’s life easier.

Our secure online lending platform allows clients to provide information to get approval in minutes.

Boodle is known for their quick cash loans which can aid you financially in paying for something you just don’t have the immediate cash for. When you need to pay for something in a hurry, let Boodle provide the means within a maximum of 2 hours.

Our loans amounts are kept low, to ensure that they can be paid back at your next pay day – or 32 days at a maximum.

With an application that take just minutes, with minimal work from your side, you can apply from home or the office, without making appointments, without having to complete any paperwork.


  • SHORT-TERM Loans


Boodle Image
Boodle Image

Boodle Loans has an online platform allowing you to choose how much cash you want and how long you can pay it off over

To get a quick cash loan, select the amount of cash you desire by using our unique SmileDial slider. Quick cash loans offer amounts up to R3000 payable up to a maximum of 32 days. In most cases, your next pay date.

Sign up for your own personalised account, creating your profile to take your application further. For your profile, you will need to include your personal and banking information which is kept confidential at all times.

We will process your information doing a quick credit check, and formulate a proposal on the amount we can lend to you.

If you agree to the terms of the loan, we can process the payment and get cash in your bank account within 10 minutes. Should you choose to apply manually, the latest you will have your cash is within a 2 hour period. However you apply, you get quick cash in your banking account the very same day!

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