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Easy Payday - Loans will provide you with a quick cash loan, in as little as 2 hours of your approved application.

Easy Payday loans are there to help you when you just can’t financially make it through the month.

You may have a number of unexpected accounts or bills to pay for, which weren’t in your budget. You may have an emergency that needs instant cash, whatever the reason may be, our services will provide you with the relief of an instant quick cash loan today!

We know how financially difficult some months can be, however, if you are a South African resident earning a monthly income, you can qualify for one of our quick cash loans of up to R2500.

If you can afford to pay back the amount you borrow, then you shouldn’t have any concerns about lending from Easy Payday loans. Apply today and have the cash you need by close of business.

Easy Payday - Loans is your convenient online lending portal, with step by step processes getting you a quick cash loan approved in minutes.

We are known throughout the country for our fast pay-outs.

With an easy application, we will notify you of your approval within minutes.

We offer smaller amounts of cash, allowing you to pay them off quickly, as a bridging solution till you get your next pay cheque. Our repayment terms are once off – one payment to pay off your loan. This also keeps you out of debt for long periods of time but alleviates any payments that need to be made in a hurry.

We are all about quality service delivery, and cash with convenience. The loan amount you are approved for is deposited directly into your bank account, available for you to use as you like.

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Easy Payday - Loans is every South African’s dependable lending solution, allowing you to get instant cash.

We provide a simple and fast step by step process to getting a little extra cash to tie you over till your next pay day.

Complete the application form with your personal details, and let us know just how much cash you need, up to the amount of R2500. We will process your application in minutes, giving you feedback on your approved loan either via SMS or email, whatever your preference.

Clients need to be over 18 years old, have a solid employment earning a salary into your own bank account each month. Clients also need to be South African residents, with a valid ID or passport as proof.

The quicker you upload this information to us, the quicker we can approve and pay out your loan amount.

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39 Carl Cronje Dr, Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7530, South Africa

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