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Short Term Loans 24 – your quick cash loan provider, for loans in less than 24 hours!

Short Term Loans 24 is one of the most used loan searching and comparison sites in South Africa today!

Everyone has that month when you salary just doesn’t stretch as far as what your salary does. Endless bills to pay, renovations on the house, and an overdue payment you just haven’t gotten to. Don’t let this deter you from being able to get this all paid. We can help you today, with our fast and simple online quick cash loans.

We have been assisting clients in South Africa with their lending requirements for over a decade, building an in depth knowledge of what clients want, and how they want to receive these services. With every year and every client, we keep upgrading and improving our services to make our solution the best it can possibly be.

Short Term Loans 24 offer you choice when it comes to getting a loan.

We offer a number of affordable little loans, which meet the criteria of your needs.

We have short term and pay day loans that are offered in smaller amounts making them easily payable by your next pay date, or a slightly longer period.

We simply source and compere quotes from a list of lenders throughout the country, offering our clients a perfect solution from the criteria they have detailed in their application. We do all the hard work for you. Complete the application, and sit back, while we find you the loan that is perfect for you.

Without you having to leave your office, you can have access to multiple lenders, and their valuable benefits.

Don’t wait a minute longer, get cash today through the ease and speed of Short Term Loans 24’s loan search and comparative site.

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  • QUICK loans 

Short Term Loans 24 provides the online resources and applications to make your loan requirements a fast and simple solution.

Clients can get all they need from one online application. Complete our quick form, with your personal details and your income information. We will be able to provide you with an amount of cash that you are able to afford to pay back. We determine this amount from your income and expenses.

We will take your specific requirements, run them through our database of lenders, and find the match for you. You can choose from the summarised lenders we provide you with, and get your finance directly through them in less than 24 hours.

Each lender offers their own flexible repayment terms, and loan amounts, giving you the access to choose from which one best fits your budget. We have a loan and a lender for everyone!

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