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Friendly Finance offer the convenience of an online lending solution, as well as the customer care from our experienced consultants.

We provide efficiencies that meet the needs of our clients, on every level. 

We make our clients lives easier, with paperless and digital loan transactions through speedy turnaround times.

Because we are transparent, we provide detail and explanations on every aspect of your loan. Clients will never be left in the dark about how their loan contract works, or what we are able to provide them with. We also provide responsible lending practices. We will not give you more than you can handle – and will only loan you the amount of cash that you can afford to pay back without landing into debt.

Whatever you may need a quick cash boost for, we can help you get it – FAST!

Friendly Finance will use our experience and innovation to find our clients the best suitable short term loan, to fit their lending criteria

Our services include the searching of all financial services through our convenient and efficient search engine online.

This convenient and reliable tool, allows clients to provide the loan criteria they are needing, and we pull the information throughout our platform, and search through a list of reputable lenders to find your perfect match.

Our lenders provide low interest rates, cash amounts that met your needs, and flexible repayment terms that work within your budget.


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  • SHORT-TERM personal loans 
  • UNSECURED Cash loans 
  • PAYDAY loans
  • LOAN comparison and searches

Friendly Finance are a customer focused online search site, delivering on the expectations of our clients.

We believe in providing a suitable solution for clients, enabling them to find what they want, when they want it. We have been able to perfect this solution, through an online platform, which is free of charge to our South African clients. When you are looking for a short term loan, go to our site, and follow the easy steps.

Register your personal details on our site, which will allow you to add in the specifications for the loan type you are looking for. Add in the amount you want and click submit!  While you sit back, we will take the rest of the process into our hands, and do all the hard work for you. We source through a large list of our preferred lending partners, to find suitable matches and comparisons of short term loan matching the description of your requirements.

Once you have chosen the loan and lender you want, the approval process will take place, and you can have cash in your bank account between 24 and 48 hours. It’s so easy to get the short term cash loan you need – fast and hassle free with Friendly Finance.

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Are you looking for a  financial product or service from South Africa’s leading lenders? We make it easy for you to compare for a variety of different loans – from payday loanspersonal loans, home loans and more.

Do you have bad credit? We connect you with lenders that cater for consumers with such credit records. Our financial experts offer you guidance, leading you to financial independence.

We encourage responsible lending.